Thursday, June 23, 2011

What started it all….

What in the world would entice someone who worked at a fortune 10 company to quit their job and start chasing their dreams?

Yes, the 4 hour work week.  The greatest book you haven’t read.
I specifically remember listening to some colleagues at lunch discussing only having to work 25 more years and they can retire and live the good life.  25 more years? Hell no! Not me! I could hardly get through the day without wanting to gouge my own eye balls out. A few days later I was at Barnes and Nobel for my weekly stock piling of audio books.  I was traveling a lot for work and loved to listen to audio books while in the car. I never read (or listen to) fiction, only the real stuff. I went directly to the personal finance / self improvement section and there it was. The book that now looking back, I would have never known would change my life.
When I listened it felt as though Tim Ferriss was talking directly to ME. I listened to the book over and over again for the next several months. His words shook the very core of my being. I laughed, I cried, but most importantly, I dreamed.  Ferriss discusses the concept of mini retirements taken throughout life (work a month and then take a month off), rather than waiting for the golden egg that may never come after 40 years of working.  He introduced having freedom of time and location while making a great income.  PEOPLE DO IT! YOU can do it. We are not supposed to be chained to a desk for 10 hours a day working on TPS reports and attending pointless meetings. My life is flying by!! The months feel so short! I thought if I could meet my ridiculously complex quota every month, I could figure out a way to make this work.  So what did I do? I quit - mortgage and all. I quit my corporate job for a position that allowed me to work from home for half the pay. With using some of his techniques in the book I easily gained 20 hours per week of my life back, and with my new found free time I am currently working on my muse (you have to read the book to understand).
At bare minimum by reading this book you will learn ways to get an extra two weeks of vacation, and/or negotiate working one day a week from home. can take the plunge like I did. Don’t be scared….it feels wonderful!
The message of this blog: GET THE BOOK! It just might change your life


  1. LOVE it!!! Will be making a trip to the book store just for this!!!

    Can't wait to read future posts! So proud of you for starting this!!!!


  2. Love this! Great concepts and great movie choices! Your life path has helped you to become wise well beyond your years! Wishing yo continued success and many blessings! xo Kerry

  3. I am very proud of you Nicole, and love your blog. I will be visiting it often. Keep up the good work! I Love You. Mom